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I Found You NYX Cosmetics

He thought he could hide from me forever, but boy was he mistaken! The mighty NYX cosmetics booth that was hiding in Long Circular Mall, Trinidad got trapped by a skillful makeup addict! Me!!!! How could he have avoided me for almost 2 years? Being a northeast girl means venturing into POS and environs is only when I really have to. I hadn’t visited this Mall in about 2 years which was the timeframe given to me as to how long this booth has been in the mall. 
Now give me some great customer service will you! Yes please and yes that is what I got here! In addition, you don’t have to wait 6 months before recently launched items from NYX cosmetics are available. These people have it down when it comes to ensuring all the new and existing items are there for you! Everything I asked for was available to me to buy!
And Yes I got some goodies! How could I not? I have been in a blush craze lately so why not try my first blush from NYX, Desert Rose. The new xtreme lip creams were available so I choose two gorgeous colours; Natural and Candy Land. I have never tried any liners from NYX so let’s see what this liquid liner with grow lash serum can do for me! So excited to try out my new goodies! Their prices were pretty reasonable too! Make sure you check out this newly discovered for me NYX booth! I’m sure you will not regret it.
Happy NYXing!


  1. Oh so cool, I love NYX. I swear you're a goddess to us makeup addicts in Trinidad. You just know where to find all the goodies.
    By the way I tagged you in a post, so stop by my blog when you get a chance and check it out. And also I love your new blog header!

    1. Hello Mia! I think makeup seems to find me! Thanks for your wonderful compliment! I'm blushing right now. You blog is lovely btw. and yes i will check out the tagged post! Hope you drop by again soon!

  2. hahaha that's awesome! I've heard there's a NYX kiosk somewhere semi-near me, but I haven't hunted it down yet. Also, I'm a little afraid of going crazy and grabbing everything in sight if I ever do find it.

    Nice haul! Have you had a chance to try the products yet? I think their blushes are lovely for the price.

    1. Oh are you in trinidad? Your blog said in the USA. I did go a little crazy actually, bought some more things for valentine's day presents for some friends of mine. But didnt show these in the pic. And yes i tried the blush, its amazing, very pigmented and smooth! Check back soon for my post on that!

  3. I have yet to find this place. I rarely go to long circular but i know alot of people talk about it. Great find!

    1. hi chants! missed ur blog posts, hope ur doing well! Yes i didnt know about them until my recent visit. I rarely go there too! but you can be sure i will try to make some more trips more often. they have the best price for nyx i found yet

  4. aww thanks Im without a camera right now and busy busy with school but I'll be blogging again in about a month. You've certainly been busy! I love reading your posts! keep it up. If their prices are good I better take a road trip ;)

  5. omg we must meet up sometime for some makeup shopping! :)


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