Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Buttery Lips with NYX Xtreme Lip Creams

Why would anyone make a lip product that smells like butter? Maybe one day the NYX creators of the recently launched NYX Xtreme lip creams will reveal their secret. But for now one just has to bear with the scent for a short while before it fades. 
So these come in 11 colours but I just fancied these two; Natural and Candy land. Can you tell I love pink? These are really pigmented and smooth, glides onto the lips like ….butter! They give you a nice shine so no need to wear gloss. The only issue I have with these is that they applied a bit streaky on the lips, think of a streaky nail polish where you need two coats. But applying two coats made it a bit messy. So stick with a thin coat first and then apply another to touch up the bald spots! I felt I needed a natural lip liner with these though. Call these a liquid lipstick in a lip gloss tube with doe foot applicator. 
So more about these two colours! Natural is a well a natural colour, soft pink while Candy Land is like a Barbie pink. If you look at the swatches they both look like lovely colours on their own and they are just that, but against my medium dark skin tone I felt they stood out. The lips were certainly the center of attention with these two colours even though I was wearing bright eyes. Do you see what I mean? 
Wearing CandyLand Xtreme Lip Cream
Wearing Natural Xtreme lip Cream
Now don’t get me wrong I love how they look but just feel like they are not colours I would reach for often. Maybe with a neutral eye and on the weekend when I have a bit more time to apply them properly, they might get some more use. Of course, when I want to look like Nicki Minaj these would be my first choice!
Go Xtreme!


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