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Venetian Tarnish Metal X Creasing Experiment

Hola chicas! I fell in love with Chemistry when I was in secondary school and we did this experiment where we mixed two colourless liquids together and poof out came a green solution. I was left in amazement. I continued on with my love for Chemistry straight up until I was in UWI. The working world however moved me away from my love for the lab and experiments. But now I have them back with my private experiments with makeup. Hope you like my report! Hopefully I submitted in time for you to review and utilize the results.
Purpose of Experiment: To test whether the Venetian Tarnish Metal X cream eye-shadow creases on normal to combination skin.
Tools required:
1) MAC Venetian Tarnish Metal X Cream Eye-shadow
2) NYX skin tone eye shadow base
3) Synthetic eye-shadow brush
Method: 1) Primer the entire eyelid and up to the brow bone with NYX skin tone eye-shadow base. The application must be done lightly and can be done using either your dry fingers or a synthetic brush.
2) Using the eye shadow brush press lightly into the MAC Venetian Tarnish Metal X cream eye-shadow pot and apply to the entire lid area. Blend upwards to create a faded effect to the top of the eyelid.
3) Repeat step 2.
4) Ensure application is smooth and to the desired pigmentation. Application must not be packed on too much.
Results: Observations made on the actual product reveals that it is an intense gold eye shadow with a smooth formula that blended easily into the eyelid with both the finger and using a synthetic brush.
Light wash of colour onto the eyelid
After 15 minutes of applying the product, a visual inspection was made on the both eyelids where the product was applied and slight creasing was observed.
After 1 hour of wear more creasing was observed and colour looks faded.

After 6 hours of wear, creasing was even more apparent. The colour of the product also looked extremely faded.
1)      This creamy product does not work well with the NYX primer. Retest with another primer.
2)      Retest with a powder shadow on top of the cream eye-shadow with primer.
3)      Forget the testing, consider the paint pots instead. If you like this colour, try the MAC Indianwood paint pot. This was the only one I could find closest to the look of Venetian Tarnish.
From top to bottom: Indianwood Paint pot, Venetian Tarnish & Vintage Coin Metal X cream eye shadows
Happy Makeup Experimenting!

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