Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Take the Day Off with Me and Clinique

Yes I know the year has just begun, I went back to work from my 2 weeks’ vacation and yet I want to take the day off! Actually it’s going to work that made me need to take the day off. I normally use waterproof mascara since I don’t want to worry about smudgy eyes during the day. I apply my makeup super early in the morning and don’t want to do any touch ups except for light powder and maybe lip colour during the day.
But after a long work day when I return home, I don’t want a lot of effort to remove the 8 hour makeup. I tried the makeup wipes. This wasn’t bad but the waterproof mascara remained in bits. I had to scrub at my eyes (the poor things!) to remove all and yet most times still ended up with some remaining on. Next I tried the L’Oreal eye-makeup remover and had some more success here but I was still seeing some small amounts of that really stubborn mascara. I have been longing for the Neutrogena makeup remover (the one in the bottle, not the wipes) and it was nowhere to be found. A friend of mine who sells Avon has an order for their makeup remover for me but it was taking too long to arrive so I took matters into my own hands. I couldn’t have my poor lashes so dirty, they needed a good bathe.
Popped myself into the Senses Store in Trincity Mall and got myself the newest love of my life, Clinique’s Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for lids, lashes and lips. {On a side note: I have experienced on more than one occasion really bad customer service at the Trincity branch but quite excellent service from the West Mall branch of Senses. The West Mall employees give me superb advice and information for my skin type}
The mixture is a two phase one so on settling you can see the distinct separation. You must shake the liquid until the two forms a solution before application. This turns it into a milky white bubbly solution. If it rests for just about 5 minutes the two phases start to separate again.
From left to right: Two phase solution at rest, Solution after shaking and Solution beginning to separate after resting for 5 minutes.
Just use a simple cotton ball or pad (I prefer these), apply just a small amount and with a few swipes all waterproof mascara and makeup is gone! Gone! Gone! Now with the other makeup removers I have tried, your skin feels dry afterwards but with this one the area cleansed feels like it was just moisturized, although a bit slippery!
On left: Eye with leftover makeup after washing with face cleanser and on right: Eye after using Clinique’s take the day off
The only downside I see here is that this 125ml bottle costs me $145TT. I kept repeating that number in my head after leaving the store which made me doubt my purchase but since this baby does such a great job I am going to ignore that. Also since you just need a small amount to do the job I can see this lasting me a very long time.
Just to note Clinique has other makeup removers so be sure to find about them before making your purchase. This one worked well for me! I’m off, yes taking the day off now.
Happy Day Off!


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