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Sultry Sacha: New Second Skin Foundation

Hello beautiful dolls! Have you heard about the new products from Sacha Cosmetics? Well probably you did since I have seen ads everywhere now and of course the social media sites keep us informed.
So I test drived the new foundation called the Second Skin Foundation. This is a liquid foundation but Sacha is also known for their Cream-to-powder foundation that usually works well for me. I got tested for my shade at SuperPharm and surprisingly the shade Perfect Caramel which is also my shade in the Cream to powder foundation matched me perfectly. They have the same naming system for these shades. I am guessing they developed the new foundation with the same tones as the cream to powder one so what shade works for you in one will suit you for the other. But don’t hold me to that, you will still need to test out the shade to verify. It was just the same for me.  
This liquid foundation has a creamy consistency but is not too thick. It comes in a soft tube 30ml bottle with a small pointed tip. When we first squeezed the product out of the new tester it came out a bit watery and this happened with me at my first use of the new product also. Just continue on and the foundation will come out thicker.
On Left: Blob of foundation and On Right: Blob blended out. This is on my hand which is darker than my face.
On Left: Foundation straight from tube and On Right: Foundation applied with foundation brush
I tried using it under both night and day conditions. I kept the application simple using a foundation wedge but this does absorb your product. It works pretty well with a foundation brush too. The foundation creates a matte finish. The coverage is a bit sheer but you can get more coverage by stipple on more foundation with the wedge. I prefer the sheer coverage combined with the matte finish which gives a natural look. It evens out the skin nicely without looking like you have any foundation on! Another added bonus is that it feels really light on the skin. This foundation is so accurately named! The only downside I found was that it accentuated my pores a bit on my trouble spots. But can you tell if I’m wearing any foundation in the picture below? 
Wearing Sacha’s second skin foundation in Perfect Caramel and MAC’s Blush Ombre in Vintage Grape
If you are a YouTube watcher like me, Sacha Cosmetics has their own channel and has recently uploaded a tutorial on their foundation (as well as other new videos such as on smoky eyes and colourful eyes). Be sure to check it out for any foundation tips and tricks. What I picked up from the foundation tutorial was to set the oily T-zone with their translucent powder so the foundation in this area last all day, then add face powder finished with fix it spray! Now I know I have this powder somewhere but never use it, I’m off to find it.
Happy Shopping for your Second Skin!


  1. Hi Naomi, I'm liking your blog. I just bought this foundation today. Normally their foundations do not agree with me and I get oily by midday but I'm hoping this is different. Lovely blog, keep up the good work <3

  2. Thanks Krys! This blog is fun but hard work at the same time! This foundation so far is working well for me, I just have to lightly powder maybe twice for the day. What shade did you get? Hope it works for you.

  3. Actually I didn't get super oily when I used this foundation and I was shocked. I got mine in Perfect Spice. If I apply it heavily enough I have no need for concealer which is awesome. :)


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