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Luscious Lotions

What girl doesn’t love to get a good rubdown in lush lotions? Lately I have a craving for sweet smelling body lotions and as I started collecting them my 3 year old niece was totally alarmed! She opened my dresser drawer and the cute little eyes were shell shocked. Of course anything more than 2 makes her think that her aunty is rich so bear that in mind!
What girl doesn’t love Victoria’s Secret? I have a bad liking for their body butters and I can run through them fast since I usually slather them on after my evening bathe. The smells are soothing and the texture of the lotion on your skin does feel like butter! Well not the greasy kind anyway. I get my fix of these from a booth at Trincity Mall. They usually retail for about $85TT. 

What girl doesn’t love Bath and Body Works? These are all over Trinidad and the prices vary from $65 to $100TT each but I found this store, it’s the first store on the left on the ground floor of the Auzonville Mall that sells them for $59 a bottle! I discovered them on my road trip to the Sacha Image Centre.

What girl doesn’t love Bodycology? This is one of the newest lotions I have added to my favourites. I found these at my last trip to SuperPharm and love the fact that you can get the matching body mist. Layering scents from products makes the overall scent last longer. I can’t remember the exact price for these but think around $65TT.

What girl deserves a good foot massage? All! After a hard day of work on your feet wearing those tower high stilettos or from driving long distances your feet should demand some attention. I give them just that by massaging the relatively inexpensive (about $24TT at Pennywise) Freeman’s barefoot lotion for that tender loving care feeling!

What girl hates when they discontinue a good lotion? Me. I got the ELF Shea Butter Conditioning Body butter when I made my first purchase with them online. The smell was amazing and the texture was smooth and buttery without feeling too sticky. At only $US5, this was a great deal but of course, it was too good to be true. I never found out why they discontinued this line. 
Happy Lotion Hunting!


  1. Hey doll, I just stumbled on your blog this morning and I really love it. I have been wondering where to find all those brands in Trinidad. Thanks to your blog I know where to get MAC Cosmetics now!
    Thanks so much, I followed!

    1. Hello Mia, isn't it so good to know we can get so many brands locally? MAC is one of my favourites. I usually go to their West Mall branch but there is also an outlet at the Gulf City mall now. Just opened late last year. Happy shopping, let me know what you got!

  2. i love VS scents actually so much better than BBW ones. practically they are the same company but there is something special about VS scents. i used to collect many of them. ;)

    1. Hi Lena, love your blog! I'm such a collector, first I find it hard to use them but once i do they finish so quickly! love love them.


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