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Lippie Love: Revlon Colorburst in Soft Rose and Raspberry

Revlon is one of my favourite affordable brands and finding a good Revlon sales representative at Pennywise was like striking oil. I took my mom in with me to find some suitable shades for her and I met the most pleasant Revlon lady ever! I believe her name is Kerry and her cheerful attitude is infectious. Her knowledge of the brand and its items was so good I ended up buying more than I came for.
Meet my mommy’s new loves, Soft Rose and Raspberry. Now raise your hands for how many of you have moms who thinks they are young and can rock the same shades like you! Both hands raised here! She loved them so much Soft Rose didn’t stand a chance on getting his picture taken before she used him. 
From left: Raspberry and Soft Rose
Now she uses Soft Rose for work since it a more ever day wearable shade and uses Raspberry to add some flair since it’s a dark, richer colour. The Colorburst lipsticks are amazing with its range of shades that are nicely pigmented and have a creamy formula. 

On left: Soft Rose and on right: Raspberry
Soft Rose
Now while I totally love these lipsticks, I’m literally slowly going bonkers for why the new Revlon lip butters are taking so long to arrive here. The word is that they should be out in the next two weeks, so maybe early February. In case you want to wait out that time doing your nails, check out the core nail enamels (not top speed or scented ones) which are now 50% off at SuperPharm, so make that $14.99TT a bottle!
Happy Lippie Loving!

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