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The Hunt is On! The Hunt was Won! Finding Milani Liquif'eye Eyeliners

I don’t know what it’s like to hunt down a criminal but they are usually on the run. That is exactly how I felt trying to find Milani’s Liquif’eye metallic eyeliner pencil in Black. I was literally staking all Milani sections at Wonderful World in the hope I could get a clue that they were close by. I saw signs all right with his cousins aqua and silver lurking around sometimes.
It happened just by accident really, just when I was taking a casual stroll and in disguise as a non-buyer that he took the chance to show up. But I was armed and ready for him! Caught red handed, felt he could get away by hiding one spot down in another colours lane! Tricky bastard! 

From top to bottom: Black, Aqua & Silver

Tricky Mr. Black Caught!

From left to right: Aqua, Silver & Black

Now the colours of these 3 are absolutely out of this world great! They are super pigmented that in one swipe you get an intense colour but they are soft and creamy that I actually broke the black one from doing the swatch. The black one reminded me of those kajal pencils and the L’Oreal Chrome eyeliner Black Shock.
Something to note, if you want to smudge out these liners you have to do so quickly since they set pretty quickly and definitely don’t budge once set. You will need makeup remover to get them off. I wore the black liner for 10 hours on my lower waterline without getting any signs of a budding raccoon eye!
These pencils are supposed to give you a metallic finish but the black liner is so black that you can’t see the metallic finish but with the silver pencil you get that metallic look with the colour. Aqua gives you a look more like a metallic sheen than a full on metallic colour.
Last point is that you will need a sharpener for these pencils but that is so minor compared to how amazing these liners are! I couldn’t help myself but to experiment with these colours and do some dramatic lined eyes.

Black on top lash line and lower waterline

Aqua in waterline

Aqua in top lash line, water line and lower lashline

Silver on top lash line and waterline
  Some more good news! There are more colours to this line, a brown and gold that should be equally amazing!
Happy Lining!


  1. U are so lucky...i swear that black one is the hardest to still on the search...the gold is amazing. i have swatched and photographed it but lazy to post these days lol. I want the blue one now!

    1. Oh the black one made me work to find him alright. I'm sure you'll track him down soon. But my favourite is actually the aqua. Super pretty!

  2. Where did you find these?? Ive been hunting them for months!

  3. I found them at the Wonderful world in trincity mall. It was on a bottom shelf! Or just ask for help from their staff, they are super helpful!


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