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How to Organize your Hand Bags

When there are 5 girls at your house; all with different tastes and a love for bags you might have a little chaos. For us we began stuffing our handbags in every nook in the house much to the annoyance of the male folks around. Besides mocking us for never being able to find what we were looking for in our handbags, now we were being mocked for not being able to find them. Problem solved!
Now this is not my original idea I saw it somewhere else but you try finding a coat rack in Trinidad! I went all over looking for this and just mentioning the words ‘coat rack’ had people staring at me wondering like “Is she for real, a coat rack! She think she in America oh wah!”
But I persevered! Actually my mom found it while casually read the newspaper and saw a Brand Source ad. Apparently here we call it a clothing rack. Ok so armed with just a screwdriver, you have to put this baby together for yourself but the instructions are pretty simple. This version of the clothing rack has 8 branches on the main trunk and will cost you about $150TT.

Once you have assembled your coat rack, I mean clothing rack, then go ahead and organize based on your preference. I did mind based on size and colour. Because the branches are so close by you may have them touching each other due to their sizes. Try to put your bigger handbags on the four lower branches and your smaller ones on top. 

Of course my nine west handbag that I use daily for work and has like a ton load of makeup doesn’t make it to this rack. That has its own section in my book shelf. If I didn’t need my books a great way to store your bags would be on display in a book shelf. You can also arrange them along the top of your wardrobe. 
Happy Organizing!


  1. L.O.L. but great idea!As for people giving u that look, I know..

    1. well there was one person who knew what i was talking about! strangely it was a guy wanting one too to hang his hats on them.

  2. OMG do you really have so many bags? lol Amazing


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