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Flaunting My Lashes with MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara

I have lived in ignorance for such a long time with my lashes. It wasn’t until about June 2011 that my good friend Krystal commented about how naturally long my lashes were but just that they simply stuck out instead of curled up. Krys was giving me a soft blue smoky eye makeup for my friend’s Melinda wedding. So I got myself an ELF eyelash curler and it worked somewhat but it kept poking me in the eyes due to my special eye shape! Admittedly I abandoned this curler and opted for just Maybelline’s The Falsies instead. Low and behold the falsies starting drying up and what’s a girl to do but get a new tube of mascara. Introducing the new and permanent (thank God!) mascara from MAC Cosmetics called False Lashes Extreme Black.
My version of their False Lashes Extreme Black Ad
Overall, I am really happy I tried this mascara. I am still not happy with the price ($160TT) but it really intensified the lashes, adding some length and volume, it doesn’t clump and is really black. Other than the price I don’t like the very inky smell of it that knocks you over from the time you open the tube but once it’s dry you don’t smell anything. What I particular love about this mascara is that it gives my lashes a natural lift which I noticed since my lashes normally stick straight out instead of curl upwards.
You notice the change from the first coat but adding a second one really gives you a dramatic false lashes look true to the name of the mascara!
One coat on top lashes only
Two coats on top and bottom lashes
While I totally love this I feel like I should reserve it for use on the weekends when I want that sexy look and try to find another one for the workdays. On second thought I just can’t put it down so I will stick with just one coat for the office.
Happy False Lashes!


  1. wow. that mascara looks great. i've never tried any from mac. Would have loved a before pic. Great review

    1. You know I had the before pic to put in here, not sure what happened! Lol. This is my first mascara from MAC.

  2. i have had plenty of problems with trying to find the right mascara I never used any Mac products before after looking at this I am willing to try it...Its gives your eyes a smooth polished look...thanks for sharing

    1. You're most welcome! I totally love this one!


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