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The CaraMia Chronicles- Apricot, Fawn, Strawberry & Wooden Rose Blushes

CaraMia Cosmetics is a brand made in Trinidad and when I was a teenager this was one of the brands I grew up on since it was an affordable line of products. As I got older of course I began testing other brands and they unfortunately fell off my radar but now they are back. What happened was that I started asking people about what brands they used or simply what colour lipstick they were wearing just out of curiosity and strangely the name CaraMia popped up quite a few times for me to start wondering why.
I discovered that there weren’t many reviews or swatches of their products online for me to check out before purchasing so I dived right in and made a few purchases based on the simple swatches done in our local cosmetic havens. This is my attempt at making it easier for you to make a more informed decision in case you decide to give this makeup line a try.
So first up are some simply stunning blushes. I started off with Strawberry since the colour was so in your face bright. I added Fawn next since this was a more subtle colour from Strawberry. On another occasion I discovered Apricot and due to speaking with a CaraMia representative from Pennywise searched out for Wooden Rose since this one is supposed to be a favourite along with Apricot. There is another purple coloured blush named Ripe Plum and I’ll be sure to hunt that one down to show with you soon.
From left to right: Fawn, Wooden Rose, Apricot & Strawberry
Strawberry: This is a pigmented bright pink blush. I have never seen a blush this brightly pink! The colour is true to the colour in the pan. On the downside and probably because it’s so pigmented, it stains the skin a bit but nothing some makeup remover won’t take care of. You really need just the slightest amount to get pink cheeks. I suggest this for use more in the nighttime or it would make a great hot pink eye-shadow.

Wooden Rose: The name of this blush describes it accurately. It a soft peachy pink that looks very natural and so is suitable for everyday wear. I use this one for the office where I want just a natural glow but soft colour.

Apricot: The colour of this blush is similar to Wooden Rose but it is more orange tone. Just for reference check out Wooden Rose and Apricot side by side.
From left to right: Wooden Rose & Apricot
Fawn: This blush is also very natural looking. It’s a warm soft brown taffy colour.

Overall these are some extremely pigmented blushes. They are soft and velvety in texture and apply easily to the apples of the cheeks. They do have a soft shimmer in the colour. The colour lasts for a long time, about 6 hours wear time for me. My favourite is indeed Wooden Rose (true to what the CaraMia rep told me was one of their best selling shades) since it is a colour suitable for everyday use. I do like how the names of the blushes are close to the actual colour description of them so you can more or less figure out what they would look like just from the names.
Honestly I would not have considered them before this but after using them for a while I really feel they are top notch and worth a try. Does any shade here call out your name? Will you give them a try? Let me know how your experience goes and as always Happy Shopping!

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