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Ambrosia Cosmetics Blue & Purple Matte Eye-shadows # 154, 244, 464, 554, 654

This is the second set of matte eye shadows from my road trip to Ambrosia Cosmetics. Check out the yellow and greens if those are more your style. I’m really feeling the blues!
First up is creative colour # 154 called Rain Drop. It’s a soft light blue. It’s not a true matte although it appears like it is totally matte in the pan. The colour itself has a matte, slightly chalky finish but with soft shimmer in it. Hope that makes sense!
Just for reference look at Mermaid Tale creative colour # 534 versus Rain drop. Mermaid tale is more blue green. They are both very pretty colours eitherway!
Left: Rain Drop and on Right: Mermaid Tale
Creative colour #554 is called Atlantic Star. This is a medium blue and is almost truly matte. I could barely see a few shimmer particles in the colour. This one is smooth and highly pigmented. If you noticed it, some of the eye shadows come branded with a flower on top.
Creative colour # 654 is called Deep Marine. This is a true blue and is just like Atlantic Star in terms of texture and pigmentation.
Creative colour #224 is Northern Star. This is a medium purple but appears almost lilac in colour on application since the colour itself is not as pigmented as the blues. I really had to pack it on to get a nice rich purple colour. Has slight shimmer but the colour itself is matte.

Creative colour #464 is Sugar Plum. This is a deep purple but again this one wasn’t as pigmented as the blues. Again I had to pack on for the colour to show up. Has slight shimmer with matte colour.
Overall I was impressed with all the blues even with the slight chalky texture of Rain Drop but was disappointed with the two purples. They were not as pigmented as the 3 blues, which is a pity since they are gorgeous colours on their own. They are buildable though to get a deeper, richer colour.
Now there is nowhere on the packaging that says these are matte colours. I choose the colours based on the fact that they appeared matte in the pan compared to the shimmery ones at the store. If you don’t mind a few shimmery specks that are only visible up close then these would works as true mattes for you. 
One more set of Ambrosia eye shadows to go!


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