Friday, 30 September 2011

Learning Beauty Week 1- Basic Facial & Makeup Routine

You are never too old to learn something new. I have spent years from kindergarten to university studying an array of topics and after finishing my Masters I couldn’t bear to go back to learn anything again! So a long break was well deserved but since then I decided to follow my passion for beauty. Of course you don’t need to do any course to learn beauty related techniques but for me I need the classroom environment to push me on.
So I stumbled upon the UWIDEC Cosmetology course which is a 10 weeks or 60 hour program. Going into the first session I wasn’t too thrilled about it since I heard from someone taking the course at another location that this course was all about hair and little makeup techniques. (FYI: My location is in Sangre Grande). Well boy was I surprised when our tutor, Giselle told us during our orientation session that our course was divided into makeup, hair and nails!!!!!!! Jumping with joy.
Session 1: Orientation.
This is the icebreaker when you get to introduce yourself and say why you are here! It’s a good thing I don’t have stage fright. So there are 15 students in my class with teenagers, persons my age as well as one mature young lady! We are all here either to develop the right techniques for ourselves or to further this as a career. Right now I am here for myself but who knows where this may lead me. So we get 3 lists of items we need for the course:  Makeup list (I am seeing I have almost everything on this one), Manicure/ Pedicure list and list specific to doing Acrylics. We spend most of the session discussing general makeup stuff but end off with the fact that beauty is always from within!
Now we needed to get our makeup stuff ready for session two. I load up my makeup items into a hard case bag and I feel like a makeup artist already just looking at my stash!

Session 2:  Doing mini-facials and makeup basics.
I am way excited now since today we have to bring our makeup items and use them! We start off by watching our tutor demonstrate how to properly apply cleanser, then toner, then moisturizer to her client. What I learnt here was then you should use all three from the same brand since this will minimize breakouts and they are normally formulated to work with each other. Another tip was applying the items in an upwards motion to uplift the skin. She was so good she had the client falling asleep in the chair! So now it was our turn to practice on our partner. I was a bit skeptical at first but it turned out well.
Now onto the foundation routine and we again had her demonstrate the application of foundation onto the client’s face.
·         Using wedges and stippling the foundation lightly firstly in the areas requiring more attention (such as dark spots, over scars etc) and then over the entire face.
·         Next apply powder again lightly in sweeping motions. I must admit I was scared doing this routine on my beauty partner but it turned out lovely.
Last demonstration for the day was a simple eye-shadow routine.
·         Apply concealer or eye primer onto entire eye area to use as a base ensuring eyeshadow doesn’t crease and stays on and to give the eye-shadow that pop.
·         Lightest colour applied from inner tear duct sweeping outwards.
·         Darkest colour applied in a V shape from the outer corner and blend inwards.
·         Medium shade colour applied to middle of lid and blend into both light and dark colours.
·         Highlight colour under brow bone area.
·         Liquid eyeliner for upper lash line and pencil eyeliner for bottom lash line.
·         Apply mascara with tip of wand first then sweep through from bottom of lashes up.
·         Apply blush to apples of cheeks. Use knuckle of little finger to feel for cheek bone if you can’t see it.
·         Light dust powder using powder brush and the light sweeping motions over entire face.
·         Apply fix it spray to set everything in place.
So this was how I looked after my beauty partner Chantal was finished with me. We tried to tone down the blush but it just wasn’t happening right. Overall I was pretty impressed with her first try and cant’ wait for next week when I get my turn! Stay tuned for week 2 of my adventure!

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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bridgetown Beauty

So this is the last article from my Barbados vacation and it is dedicated to all you shoppers like me! Bridgetown is the capital city of Barbados and the main street is called Broad Street. It is a shopper’s paradise with duty free shopping. All you have to do is present your passport at the cashier to get the duty free price.
So I started off being dropped off by the taxi on Broad Street and the first shop we entered was called Jen’s Health and Beauty Supplies. 

This was an interesting shop and a lot of their beauty supplies were all natural products. Really great customer service here too! 

So moving up the street, I saw this really nice building that looks like it has a lot of history behind it. Just wanted to share with you. 
Broad Street has many shopping areas and malls but I really wasn’t interested much until I came to Cave Shepherd. It’s a huge place filled with beauty products from many different brands. Of course the first thing I noticed was the MAC booth. Their staff is extremely helpful. 
Another favorite for me in Cave Shepherd was the Victoria’s Secret section. I stocked up on their body butters and got a good deal on their Sexy Little Things. No pun intended. 
Of course you also have the nearby Harrison’s which is filled with maybe almost every possible brand of perfume you can think of as well as fancy shoes and bags. They had lots of Steve Maddens and Nine West shoes much to my hearts delight!
Walking in and out of the shops made me really exhausted since there was so much to see and it was quite a busy street so I surrendered back to the hotel. But once rested I ventured on my own to the Sheraton Mall which is in Christ Church. Again there was lots of shopping but what got my attention was Diamond Girl Beauty Supplies which to me is like Pennywise to the Bajans. Here I picked up my first set of OPI nail polishes and a Black Opal bronzer. When I compared the same bronzer at Pennywise, it was way cheaper in Barbados! 
Oh and another thing in case you are in Sheraton go get your massage at Cher-Mere! Yes they have a branch there too!
Of course there is shopping all over the island and I did have my fair share of buying handmade jewelry from the locals. They even come to you while on the beach which is how I got this wonderful bracelet.
Overall I enjoyed shopping in Barbados even though my reason for being there was more for a calming vacation but I would indeed recommend a trip to Broad Street for you to check out the wonderful duty free stores. You are sure to find something at a great deal!

Your China Doll
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