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Road Trip to UpMarket

Hey guys, hope you had a good weekend! I certainly did. So I got this email flyer about Upmarket which is like an expo of local vendors. Apparently it is held once a month on the first Saturday of every month at the Woodbrook Youth Facility. Of course December being the biggest shopping month meant that many vendors were present with many gift options. Just to note there were also food vendors showcasing their local handmade goods but you know me I chose my beauty items over the food. Well until I was done Christmas shopping anyway.

My first great find was Burt’s bee’s products. I have been looking for a local distributor and finally found one.Yippie!  The name of this company is Live Green and they have a wide assortment of natural and organic products such as essential oils, herbal teas and supplements.
Now moving on to jewelry, well there were many booths here with local handmade jewelry. You can really see the artistic side of trinis in these pieces. I was impressed with Handmade Jewelry by Indara. You can find her on Facebook. Also, for the copper jewelry lovers, Ken’s Copper Collections did not disappoint.
When you are finished with your jewelry shopping, two suppliers catered for your organizational needs. You know when you have like a million little boxes that contain your earrings and you never remember which one has what in it? Well these options are super cute and can help you display your earrings better. Vice Versa was the supplier of the little ladies and I’m so sorry but I can't remember who sold those nifty earring holders. L
Moving onto skin and body care items. Yes lots of that as well especially as gift sets. Immortelle Beauty caters for someone who wants to pamper their feet. Check out their website, I was most impressed by Trisha Cunin of Footprints who makes her own skin and body care products. Check her out on Facebook: Footprints Day Spa.
And for the fashion divas, you have to check out Mo Mosaique. Yes they are on Facebook too! They import pieces from around the world such as Morocco and Japan. Really unique pieces.
Lastly for my soapaholic beauties I stopped by Stc & Company to see their handmade soaps. At $TT25 for one that was a deal. I usually spend at least $TT40 for a block. You can check her out at her blog.
So this weekend was full of shopping but more importantly opening my knowledge of local, handmade and unique items and their suppliers. I was watching on tv a show about the USA with a campaign to buy what is made in America. Maybe we should start saying the same thing to ourselves. Let’s buy local and support our own.


  1. All for supporting our local suppliers!!But I'm especially loving your Burt Bee's discovery!

  2. Yes I was so excited about this one! Try to find the supplier Live Green on Facebook. But they do have a store somewhere in Woodbrook

  3. Thanks for the go local support and feel free to let me know how the soap goes, I'm shocked to know that you normally pay so much for handcrafted soap. It was nice to have met you :-)

    I am sharing your blog on the Upmarket's page, I enjoyed reading it.

  4. Nice to me you too Sada! I'm glad to know upmarket has a fb page, that would be great for promoting the event and the suppliers.
    Haven't used the soaps yet. I am still trying to decide whether to give them away as a christmas present or hoard for myself.I'm leaning towards it being all mine!

  5. I vote for Hoard! lol. Enjoy. I'm whipping up some more batches now.

    This is the link to the Upmarket's page:!/UpMarketTT

    1. Sada i finally got around to using the dafodilly soap. I really like it!

    2. FINALLY!!!! lol
      Thank you for the feedback. Feel free to submit a testimonial on the website please.!testimonials

      I was hoping that you would have made it to the February Upmarket. Oh well, there is always Chez Nous this Saturday. Check my blog for all the details.

    3. Yes i have heard about the Chez Nous, maybe if I have the time I will check it out. Thanks for the info.


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