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Learning Beauty Week 7: Ice Nails and Written Exam Time

Session 13: Ice nails are all the rage but I didn’t seem to get that memo until now. So while at the Caribbean Nail and Beauty Trade show I picked up some stars for my ice nails session and also some glitter from Wonderful World.
Ice nails follow the same steps like applying press-on nails from session 10.
Basic steps to ice nails:
1.       Apply acrylic primer onto entire nail area avoiding direct contact with cuticles.
2.       Using acrylic brush #4 dip into acrylic liquid and then lightly into glitter. Start from nail tip to pack this glitter onto nail.
3.       Repeat this and work your way up until you get the desired area covered with glitter. Note: You want to wipe off the brush between applications.
4.       Apply stars or whatever other nail appliqués you want. If they are falling off the nail then just apply a little nail glue to hold in place.
5.       Using the acrylic brush dip into acrylic liquid first and then into clear acrylic powder. Apply to nail from tip. You want to pack onto this mixture so that the glitter doesn’t fall off.
6.       Continue working your way upwards packing on the acrylic liquid/ powder mixture until the glitter design, stars and nail bed is covered. Note: You can also add glitter to the powder for a glittery effect.
7.       Once you have packed on the mixture, now you can go over the nail area painting on this mixture to smooth it over. Don’t forget to wipe off the brush between applications.
8.       Look at the nail area and fill in any low spots with the mixture.
9.       Filing time! Allow the nail to dry and then file to ensure you get the right shape and to smoothen any rough spots. Finish off with a good buffing.
10.   Apply cuticle oil to cuticles and then rinse off the hand of all the chemicals and dust. Dry properly.
11.   Using nail buffer shine side, bring out that shine over the entire nail area.
12.   Apply top coat and if desired nail art to enhance your ice nails.
Here is my first attempt.

Session 14: Exam time folks. Yes even though this UWIDEC Cosmetology course is hands on you still have a small written 2 hour exam to endure but have no fear it all about what you have learnt before. This was one exam where cramming is not required especially if you have a passion for cosmetology and you enjoyed every session so far.
Some exams questions included:
1.       What is the purpose of cuticle oil? My answer: Restore moisture to the cuticles to ensure they are healthy. This is what is massaged into the cuticles to stimulate healthy nail growth.
2.       What are the 3 steps required for good skincare? Explain. My answer: Cleanse, tone and moisturize. Cleansing removes makeup, dirt, grease etc from the skin leaving a clean canvas to work with. Toning is important to close the pores after cleaning as well as to maintain the pH of the skin. Moisturizing ensures the skin regains the water content lost during cleansing; the moisturizer also acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup to be applied.
3.       What is the use of Epson salts in a pedicure? My answer: Epson salt is used to soften the skin on the feet as well as remove odors of the feet.
4.       Describe in your own words the reason for perfect makeup. My answer: The perfect makeup application enhances your natural beauty. It makes you feel more beautiful and confident in yourself.
5.       What is the purpose of massage in manicures and pedicures? My answer:  Massages stimulate blood flow which encourages good nail growth.
Hope my answers prove helpful to you, just in case you decide to do this course.
Stay tuned for week 8. My 3 hour practical exam is only a week away! Yikkes!!!!

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