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Build you own Eye-shadow Palette using the Creative Colour System from Ambrosia Cosmetics

On my recent road trip to the Chic Clique, Ambrosia Cosmetics I discovered this hidden wonder (for me at least) but it’s too good not to share with you. As a beginner with makeup most of the eye-shadows I have are from various small kits and single colours as well. Since I am branching out into new colours and styles of makeup I wanted a way to have a one stop shop for my eye-shadows. In particular I was looking for a full matte set of eye-shadows. Then sent like an angel from heaven was the Creative colour system from Ambrosia cosmetics.
I honestly didn’t know this sort of system existed here in Trinidad. Actually the same day I went to this place I was only an hour before checking online sites to customize a matte eye-shadow palette for myself. While I love MAC, in Trinidad there is not the option as yet to purchase their pro empty palette or buy refills to fit in them. This can only be done online.
The Creative Colour system is special. There is literally a wall of items: blush, eye-shadows of varying finishes, concealer, lip colour and liners that are all made the same size to fit into the Ambrosia branded empty palettes. At the time of my purchase there were 9 and 15 slot palettes available. 
So what you do it simply decide on what you want. I was going for the 15 slot palette with just matte eye-shadows but you can of course mix up your kit and include everything that can fit into it from the creative colour system. You don’t even need to fill all the slot one time like I did, just buy the palette, start off with a few things and build as you go.

The empty palette is made of black plastic with the word Ambrosia branded to the front cover. It does feel a bit flimsy though. I feel like if you dropped it with your beloved eye-shadows in it, they might not survive intact. I’m not going to test this to find out. Any who just keep that in mind. 
Next is the fun part, choose the colours. You can see from the picture that there is a huge amount of variety in the colours to choose from as well as the finishes. I could detect shimmery, satin and matte finishes in their eye-shadows.

Each eye shadow comes packaged nicely in a plastic holder in a plastic bag. The back of the shadow has the creative colour number and name. You also get a self-adhesive sticker with the name of the shadow printed on it. 
Arrange the colours in the order you want for your palette. This is simply your preference but I love to see the colour spectrum. 
Open one at a time. Remove from plastic holder and put into empty slot of palette carefully. The slot opening is made of a pliable material that the hole can expand enough to allow the eye-shadow pan in but yet it is rigid enough to keep it in the slot. Make sure the pan is firmly in position. Now I suggest you take the self-adhesive sticker and stick to inside cover of the palette almost like you are making a mock palette with the stickers on this lid. Check out the pictures if I just confused you!
Now just repeat until all your babies are in and labels are on.

If you want to remove and replace, just gently tug at the edge of the slot, it will open up enough to allow you to pop it out. I did this several times trying to arrange the colours perfectly. 
Now for the price question. The empty 15 slot palette costs $TT45 and then it’s $TT30 per eye shadow. So overall it costs $TT495 for this palette. 

On another note these colours just from swatches of them are highly pigmented and comparing them to my MAC eye shadows they are on par in terms of quality, bigger in size and 4 times cheaper.

I really had a fun time putting this kit together. From the looks of things I will be trying another eye shadow kit soon with satin or metallic colours and maybe a third kit with blushes.

Would you love to customize your own makeup palette? And what would you put into it? I’m off to try out my new babies.


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  2. wow lucky you guys. build your pallet and the colors right in front you.


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