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Natural Beauty- Accra Beach & Hotel in Barbados

So I already told you guys about my trip to the Harrison Caves in Barbados and now onto the rest of my Barbados vacation. I choose the popular Accra Beach Hotel & Spa for my stay since it was well…. popular, and had a pool and was on the beach which should have ensured I had a relaxing time.
I was super lucky that a trini coworker had a brother there who was more than happy to pick us up at the airport on our arrival which was super early in the morning. The hotel check in time was 3pm so I wasn’t going to spend the time before we checked in dragging luggage around so we decided to go to the hotel and ask them to just check in the luggage. I have never won anything in my life but when the desk clerk at the hotel said in her bajan accent “Ma’am you can check in now if you like, your room is ready” I had to ask her to repeat that. Do a happy dance about now!

Main pool with overpass bridge, makes a lovely feature.

The hotel is classy with really pleasant staff! Actually ever person I met in Barbados was really pleasant with all the good mornings and hellos, friendly smiles and helpfulness. So of course the first thing you notice when in the hotel lobby is the inviting nearby pool and straight out, the blue water and white sands. 
View of Hotel from Beach
 I stayed in a basic junior suite with the other 3 family members. There was nothing special about it really; cozy beds, open layout, cable tv (limited stations but variety in channels), wifi, marble top vanity in bathroom, no bathtub. The room was island view so the balcony just showed the road and nearby shops! So choose a room with a pool or ocean view inside. I was on a budget but you can get suites with their own Jacuzzis. Really love how they fold the towels in cute patterns on your bed. 

Junior suite- Island room view
Bathroom with Marbletop vanity
I always appreciate the simple things hotels do for you by providing towels, shampoo & conditioner, soap, body lotion and hair caps. It makes packing for your trip easier; just remember to bring your own toothbrush! 
All provided and replenished by the hotel every day!
So enough about the room already! I spent most of my time on the beautiful Accra Beach. You can literally see the distinct different blue colours of the waters and against the white sands, blue skies and fluffy clouds makes an awesome combination.
Just loving Accra Beach!

So I would alternate my time on the beach, under the complimentary beach chairs and umbrellas provided by the hotel, reading my kindle and sipping on something on ice! So wishing I could be there right now! Of course it was so breezy I would fall asleep.
The water on the beach is very warm since the sun was in all of its glory. Very small waves encountered. You can just stay here for hours and that I did until I started to see myself changing colour.
Everyone enjoying the beach and great weather!

 Mister Crabby enjoying the beach too!

On the last day of my stay I really enjoyed the pool. My niece found it unbearable to wait for the pool to open at 10am! I didn’t mind just looking at it. The colour blue is so calming. 

Again the pool provides beach chairs and umbrellas around the pool for your enjoyment and that I did. There is a small waterfall feature that you can swim up to and hide under. Just a few little tidbits in case your interesting in this hotel; they have a kids club, restaurant and spa on site so your enjoy the hotel even more than I did.
After spending 3 days at this location it felt really hard to leave, but alas the vacation was over. I really enjoyed my time here and yes I would recommend it if you are ever in Barbados! Hope you have a pleasant stay, I certainly did!

From your China Doll
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