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Coastal Scents Palette- Magical Makeup

So the shopaholic in me has lately being crazy about makeup. I seem to have phases where I am more interested about a particular item. Before my makeup phase I was crazy about shoes but that has subsided and the makeup monster evolved and now blossomed since all my friends around me lately have been crazy about makeup too!
So while looking for a friend’s birthday present I stumbled across a cute little new booth near Micles in the new wing of Trincity Mall called Magical Makeup. It was definitely the word makeup in their name that caught my attention.
I love online shopping since not every brand or item is widely available in Trinidad but love to discover places here where you might have to pay a bit more but get your item the same day. So this place is a new favourite with me but still cannot replace my love for our MAC store in West Mall. From what I saw they have some Urban Decay palettes but not the Naked palette I really want! They also have a lot of the big palettes from Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics, various items from E.L.F such as lip-glosses and brushes, Wet and Wild eye-shadows, even L’Oreal Paris Hip eye-shadows, Too Faced Insurance primers and lip tars from Obsessive Compulsive. These are all original items from these brands but the MACaholic in me noticed they were also selling MAC products. These MAC items are not original MAC products! Yes NOT original MAC products but at least their sales persons will tell you that in case you are wondering why their MAC lipsticks cost only $35TT while an original MAC lipstick in West Mall is $130TT. On speaking with their sales rep, she said they would also be bringing in shortly items from Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier.
So I was intrigued enough to purchase a Coastal Scents palette as my gift since I would like to pass on my makeup craze to another friend. It comes very simply packaged with just the ingredients on the box. It didn’t even indicate it was from Coastal Scents.
Simple black packaging with ingredients list
This palette is 78 colours with a mix of matte and shimmery ones. I believe the last 6 big circle ones are blushes but of course since it was a gift I couldn’t swatch them to tell. Overall I believe this would be great gift for any newbie to makeup or just a makeup junkie (hoarder) like me.
Coastal Scents Pallete With flash on

No flash
Talking from my experience with palettes, you can put a piece of tissue on the top of your eyeshadows or just leave the clear plastic the kit comes with to prevent the eye-shadow fallout from mixing with each other.

The palette is reasonable for the amount of colours in it, only $200TT (please don’t tell my friend!). Don’t be afraid to mix colours to create new ones. But overall just enjoy your new eye-shadows. Challenge yourself to use a new one or combination of new colours everyday!


  1. wen i bought mine i paid i didn't like this palette...wasn't pigmented enough

  2. wen i bought mine i paid i didn't like this palette...wasn't pigmented enough


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